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Toronto, Ontario — November 13, 2018 — Skills Canada’s (SCC) 14th National Skilled Trades and Technology Week (NSTTW) was aimed at raising awareness among students and educators about the incredible skilled trade and technology career opportunities available across Canada.

SCC hosted the week-long event on November 6 at the Halifax Convention Centre, where it kicked off with a virtual car painting challenge. One of the judges and the commentator for the challenge was Leanne Jeffries, director of the Skills Canada Collision Repair program.

Following the official launch, approximately 500 students from local high schools and post-secondary institutions participated in over 30 Try-A-Trade and technology activities held by educators and industry experts. These activities included autobody repair, mechanical engineering, esthetics, electronics, virtual welding, precision machining, CAD and many more. Throughout the day, students got a first-hand-look at educational pathways and interesting career opportunities in several different trade and technology sectors.

“With the significant evolution of technology and digital skills, tradespeople need to be proficient with the digital tools of trade. National Skilled Trades and Technology Week was created to raise awareness and create discussion about the important careers that are available to youth in the skilled trades and technologies and the skills needed to succeed,” said Shaun Thorson, chief executive officer of Skills Canada.

Also highlighted at the event was the importance of Continuous Learning, one of the nine essential skills identified as fundamental to working in the skilled trade and technology industries. According to the Advisory Council on Economic Growth, by 2030 the growing adoption of automation is projected to displace nearly one quarter of the tasks performed by Canadian workers. While some of those most affected will be able to find alternative opportunities in the same or related field, it is expected that 10 to 12 percent of the workforce will face job loss and struggle to find new positions unless they acquire new formal qualifications.

The upcoming Skills Canada National Competition will be hosted in Halifax on May 28 – 29, 2019, at the Halifax Exhibition Centre.

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