Automated alignment inspection needs no human involvement

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Toronto – November 9, 2018 — Hunter Engineering’s unmanned alignment inspection system, Quick Check Drive, has been approved by 12 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), including Toyota, Porsche, KIA, Hyundai, Volkswagen/Audi, Fiat Chrysler, and Lexus. The company expects additional approvals this year.

Released in July 2018, Quick Check Drive provides instant alignment readings and requires no human involvement. The system can scan a vehicle every 3 to 5 seconds, measuring total toe and camber autonomously with unmatched accuracy.

Quick Check Drive features optional body damage image viewing through HunterNet®, Hunter’s online business intelligence tool. With this feature, service providers can capture 40 or more images per vehicle without a time penalty and protect themselves against questionable damage claims. In addition, the inspection system features integrated license plate cameras that provide automatic vehicle identification, powered by CARFAX, eliminating the need for manual specification lookup.

“Quick Check Drive is the only touchless alignment audit with the accuracy and repeatability that OEM’s expect from their dealer’s inspection equipment,” noted Hunter Product Manager Alex Smith. “No other solution combines the precision measurement technology and autonomous vehicle identification required to reliably assess a vehicle’s alignment condition and compare it to OEM specifications.”

For collision repair facilities, Hunter Engineering suggests that by performing collision repair alignments in-house, shops can increase profits, maintain quality of alignments, and eliminate unnecessary transport and wait time.

Hunter offers a turnplate kit compatible with most frame racks. It includes four turnplates, ramps, wheel chocks and a wheeled cart providing easy mobility and compact storage. The portable kit can be used with two-post lifts or on a flat floor; enabling shops to align vehicles that may be too large or long to fit existing alignment lifts.

In addition, service providers can perform Suspension Body Dimension Audits to identify components affected in an accident, including axle setback and offset, wheelbase, trackwidth, ride height, max steer, symmetry and more.

Hunter’s WinAlign® software provides more than 400 videos and animations to cover all aspects of wheel alignment, providing step-by-step instructions on how to make alignment corrections and illustrate the causes of problems.

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