Competitive Advantage

by Mike Davey A mountain may have just one peak, but several routes to the top. When it comes to collision repair and the broader auto claims economy, it’s more like a mountain range. There are numerous peaks, and even more numerous paths to the summits. Throughout the collision repair and insurance industries, you will […]

Clear View

by Justin Jimmo Your clear coat can change your colour. Clearcoat may be clear, but only compared to your colour coat. If it was completely clear, it would literally be invisible. It’s pretty close, but it still reflects light and refracts light. It’s not completely transparent if there’s light bouncing off it. However, this difference […]

Think Pink

Hilary Noack of Ink & Iron has moved from the classroom to the floor, but she’s still teaching. Alot of ink has already been spilled regarding Ink & Iron and its owner, Hilary Noack. Most of the coverage has focused on the fact that she’s a woman who fixes cars. A few have focused on […]

Top Performers Wanted

Speedy Collision is growing with teams that put the customer first. Are you a top performer? Do you want to join an organization where your skills are valued and you are encouraged to build them and become even better? Do you want the opportunity to move up and take on more responsibility? If you answered […]