Action Hero for a Day: Hertz to rent out 900hp Shelby Mustang GT500-H’s at select U.S. locations

Toronto, Ontario — If you were ever concerned that the grocery-grabber rental car you booked might throw off your whole aesthetic when attending out-of-town events, Hertz may have another, considerably more muscular option for you.

The global car rental company recently teamed up with Shelby American to offer its customers the chance to rent one of 25 Shelby Mustang GT500-H models set to be delivered to Hertz locations in holiday destinations across the U.S.

The car is based on the original Rent-A-Racer 1966 Shelby GT350-H, but with a modern kick of more than 900 horsepower, thanks to a 3.8L Whipple supercharger.

Of the 25 to be sent out to Hertz locations, 19 will be coated with Shadow Black exterior paint and six in Oxford White, in honour of Shelby American’s 60th anniversary.

The GT500-Hs will be available at four locations in Florida, as well as in Phoenix, Ariz. and Las Vegas, Nev., for the price of $400 USD per day.

Hertz says it will also be offering other GT-H on a more frequent basis and in two additional locations, on top of those previously mentioned; Los Angeles, Calif. and Atlanta, Ga.

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