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A number of Canadian Ford dealerships made an unexpected discovery. Dealerships in Ontario, New Brunswick and Quebec found large packets of methamphetamines hidden in the spare tires of Ford Fusions that didn’t match the make or model of the vehicle. The vehicles were shipped from a Mexico car factory. Police said they believe the shipment of illegal drugs was part of an operation run by the Sinaloa drug cartel, the group that controls the area around the Ford factory plant in Hermosillo, Mexico. In total, police found 180 kilograms of meth which has an estimated street value of $4.5 million.


The most expensive new car has been sold for 16.7 million euros ($21 million). The oneoff Bugatti luxury sports car, also referred to as “La Voiture Noire” meaning “The Black Car,” is a low-slung sports car with a huge 16-cylinder engine and of course a Bugatti badge on the front grille. The vehicle made its debut at the Geneva auto show, where the automaker announced that it had been sold.


Terrifying dash-cam footage shows a blanket of snow coming down on a series of vehicles travelling on Colorado’s Ten Mile Canyon region. Shaune Golemon was driving on 1-70 when his daughter noticed a wall of snow coming down from the mountain that surrounded them. It was indeed an avalanche. The avalanche completely covered the vehicle, making it impossible to move or see. There were no reports of injuries and they were able to safely get out of the vehicle after the snow was finished coming down. Local media confirmed the avalanche was not a controlled slide. Warnings were in place at the time of the incident.


A family in Edmonton is pretty freaked out after they discovered a pipe bomb taped underneath one of their vehicles. Police were notified after one of the family members discovered that something unusual was sitting under his sister’s SUV. The bomb was an eight-inch silver pipe with a wire coming out of it. Police evacuated the area and the Explosive Disposal Unit deployed a bomb disposal robot to investigate. Police said that they “disrupted the device by an approved method that in turn prevented the device from exploding.” It is still a mystery aboout how the bomb got there in the first place.


The Home Owners Association (HOA) in Tennessee charged a resident of a condo complex $100 because of the mark her vehicle left in the complex’s parking lot. The incident began on a morning in January following a light snowfall during the previous night and into the morning. The driver then got into her vehicle and drove to work, as she did on any workday. The next day, she received an email from the HOA that included a photo of the mark her vehicle had left in the parking space. The email stated that she would be fined $100 because her vehicle had violated one of HOA’s rules: displaying offensive images or slogans.

The text of the email read: “Your car, specifically the Honda, left this offensive image on the ground after you left. I believe you will see why we have had [received] complaints about it. One of our residents took the photo and reported it to us out of concern for our younger residents.” The photo shows a peculiar and inappropriate image. As a result of the outline of the vehicle left by the overnight snowfall, an image resembling male genitalia was formed. The woman who drove the car was outraged, saying that the image’s creation was out of her control and that she wouldn’t pay the fine. Subsequently, the HOA decided not to pursue legal action.

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