Ford Shatters Windshields, expectations, in next Gen Fiesta ST reveal commercial

Ford's new Fiesta ST crashed windshields in it's new advert

By Barett Poley-February 24, 2017  Ford’s resident collision experts will have their work cut out for them after the reveal trailer of the next generation Ford Fiesta ST, which featured everything from female World Rally Championship driver Toni Kelly drifting around a photography room and dodging traffic in the slick new Ford, to fearless BMX […]

Flipping a Rare Car: Dos and Don’ts

A 1972 De Tomaso Pantera that the author recently flipped. This particular vehicle appeals to a number of different collector markets, including collectors of muscle cars and '70s era vehicles.

By Rick Francouer-November 25, 2016  Perhaps at no time in history have Canadians felt more cash squeezed and house poor. From one end of our country to the other people are searching for ways to augment their income through a second job or moonlighting in an assortment of odd jobs. As professionals in the automotive […]

7 Times Cars Crashed into Autobody Shops

Tesla Crashes into mercedes shop

By Barett Poley-November 9, 2016      Sometimes irony presents itself in very coincidental, very funny ways in the real world. They say that gunpowder was invented in a bid to create a cure for death, and have you ever heard of a fire station burning down? Or a marriage counselor filing for divorce? Strange […]

What you need to know about the drive towards the use of mixed material

By Mike Davey Until recently, aluminum was often seen as the domain of high-end vehicles. However, the original mid-market car, the Model T ford, used an aluminum hood. In The Mix research from Frost & Sullivan shows that while steel will continue to dominate, other materials are closing the gap. These graphs show current and […]

Aluminum vs Steel

Di­fferences between materials impact the repair process and the results. Have you heard about the 2015 Aluminum F-150? Of course you have. Aluminum is the topic du jour and the hype is only escalating. When new technologies or big changes come along in the collision repair industry, hysteria and shady sales pitches are sure to […]

Tomorrow’s Techs

Skills Canada competitions are working to attract the next generation. Since the CCIF Skills Program was established in 2008, the collision repair industry has been attracting the attention of students, parents and educators at Skills Canada competitions held across the country. The competitions offer industry a unique environment to showcase exciting career opportunities, a chance […]