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Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Saskatchewan Polytechnic, November 9, 2018 — One Canadian school that made headlines this year with its recognition from the Certified Collision Care, is the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Institute and more specifically their autobody technician program.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic is the provinces primary public institution for post-secondary technical education and skills training. Formerly operating as the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST), the school has campuses in various locations throughout the province, but only offering the autobody technician program in Regina and Saskatoon.

For those of you that might not know, about Certified Collision Care but it manages the collision repair facility OEM certification programs for Fiat Chrysler, Ford, Nissan and Kia in Canada. Their primary mission is to raise the industry’s technical capability and business operating standards, amongst many other things.

For one that is eager to start working in the industry as soon as possible, Saskatchewan Polytechnic might be the right choice. Being the first and only post-secondary institution to be recognized for its investment in tools, equipment and training, the program offers a one-year certificate, apprenticeship and teaches a variety of skills to equip future repairers with the knowledge of body repair and refinishing.

Program Overview

In general, the program prepares students to work in collision repair facilities, auto dealerships and private garages. A one-year certificate program, autobody technician focuses on providing students with a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills the student will need to work in the body repair and refinishing industries. Practical training includes:

– basic and advanced metal work
– basic and advanced painting
– benchwork and safe working procedures
– door servicing, glass installation and electrical systems
– front sheet metal and plastic material repair
– industry communications and math
– welding
During the course work, students hammer out dings, paint vehicles, install windshields, align bumpers and more. Students also spend two weeks in an auto body repair shop getting a first-hand taste of the job.
An autobody technician certificate from Saskatchewan Polytechnic provides students with advanced standing as an apprentice in the motor vehicle body repairer trade. Officially registering as an apprentice requires finding a job in the automotive body repair trade.
Admission Requirements
Students applying to the autobody technician Program at Saskatchewan Polytechnic must possess at least a Grade 10 education and be able to satisfy the school’s English Language Requirement.
In some cases, applicants who do not possess these qualifications may be admitted if evidence of probable success can be established through a special admission assessment. Interested individuals should still apply. Applicants are automatically considered for special admission. However, some specific admission requirements may still need to be met.
Program Length
The autobody technician certificate program runs for a total of 30 weeks. The program starts in August.
For more information on Saskatchewan Polytechnic, please visit saskpolytech.ca.
By Lindsey Cooke

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