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Not long ago, electric vehicles were curiosities and self-driving cars were the stuff of science fiction. But the pace of change in the modern automotive world is furious. Repair technicians, estimators and even customer service personnel must keep up with changing technology or risk losing business. It’s an exciting time to be in the automotive industry.

To repair modern vehicles requires both upto- date equipment and up-to-date technicians. Emerging technologies force technicians to continually upgrade their skill sets. It’s not just the relatively rare electric vehicles or exotic luxury rides that require specialized knowledge. Even the best-selling Honda Civics and Ford F-150s have advanced materials and electronics that add complexity to collision repairs.

That very complexity is an opportunity for those who want to advance within the industry. Doug Kelly, CEO of AsTech, recently told Collision Repair magazine: “Education, especially a formal education, will always help you in your career—but so will hands-on experience. To succeed in this industry, you have to read and stay current and learn and you have to practise what it is you’re learning.” For painters, preppers and repair technicians, bridging that gap is the path to higher compensation, more confidence and advancement. One tool to help bridge the knowledge gap is the Training Directory, published by Collision Repair magazine. This comprehensive guide provides one-stop access to the entire spectrum of technical and management training available in Canada. The Training Directory shines a spotlight on training resources, highlighting companies, instructors, programs, courses and education opportunities for youth.

As vehicles become more advanced, so do the methods needed to fix them. The Training Directory and its online counterpart,, allow both employees and employers to see the range of options, from one-hour online courses to full-day courses onsite to longer college certificate-level programs.

To turn an automotive job into a career, continuous upgrading of skills is the answer. Go Auto Group is one of the employers profiled in the Training Directory. Executives from this Edmonton-based group of automotive dealerships told us: “We constantly strive to improve the employee experience and retain our best talent through training.” At Go Auto, employees, advancement is based on their actions. “Everything is based on merit, so if you work hard, learn as much as you can and take advantage of the numerous [free] programs we offer, you’ll get the promotion[s] you want and achieve any goal you have.”

Well-trained employees also benefit the business. A few years ago, I-CAR studied the impact of role-relevant education and training on shop KPIs. After undertaking training, shops in the study improved cycle time by 14.35 percent, and frequency of supplements for necessary repairs overlooked in the estimate dropped by 11 percent.

Available this summer, the 2019 Training Directory sign up for a digital or print copy of your own at!

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