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Transforming the look of a vehicle with accessories has never been easier.

Once again I had the opportunity to attend one of the best automotive events ever—SEMA.This year’s show was no disappointment. Every year that I have attended, I come home with newfound knowledge I never thought possible.

Who sits up at night thinking of some of these products? It amazes me that year after year, the show seems to get bigger and busier and more packed with new products and innovations. It’s simply overwhelming for a car enthusiast.

With thousands of exhibiters and hundreds of thousands of different products, it isn’t hard to come across something you like—and often it’s something you didn’t even know you liked until you saw it. SEMA is an eye-opener for anyone attending the show for the first time, or even for the 10th time.


Today’s generation of car buyers have so many options when it comes to taking their stock vehicle to the next level. This was incredibly evident as I walked for what felt like days on end on the SEMA floor. I was amazed and overcome with the selection as I made my way through the show.

From the wheel and tire expo to the sight and sound hall, to the body and collision sections and every room and hall in-between, accessories were front and centre once again.

Accessorizing has become not just more acceptable, but it has become much more affordable. And the choices have grown substantially, creating even more of a demand.

Do you like the stock wheels on your vehicle? Do you want to add horsepower or handling? How about the ride or height, or better yet, the colour? The list could go on and on.

However, my point is that no matter what you drive, whether it is a small compact car or a larger pickup truck, the options available to today’s consumer are seemingly endless. A stock vehicle could have its look completely altered, its ride completely changed and its performance enhanced substantially.

You may recall me telling you that you can change the very look of any vehicle by changing the style and size of your wheels and tires. This is so true, but it really does not have to end there.

Are you tired of the colour of your car? Did you know that there are companies out there promoting the idea that they can change the colour of your car by the end of day simply by wrapping it?!

I was amazed by the number of companies and outfits exhibiting at SEMA and promoting this same process— wrapping a vehicle in its entirety simply to change the colour. Apparently wrapping is not just for advertising anymore. Who knew!

To today’s vehicle owner, the options available appear to be limitless, depending of course on budget and imagination.

You don’t like the colour of your car? Change it with a wrap. Your truck doesn’t sit quite right to your liking? Lower it or raise it with the many kits available today. Not enough chrome, or too much chrome? This can all be changed with add-on kits. The possibilities are endless.

No matter what your style or your preference, a stock vehicle can be transformed just by simply adding accessories.

Whatever your imagination, there is a company out there with the accessories that that can make it happen.

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