EZ Nitro Plastic Welder Generator

Dent Fix Equipment

The DF-EZN1G EZ Nitro Plastic Welder Generator eliminates the need for refilling nitrogen tanks and takes up less space in the shop thanks to its onboard nitrogen generator. The proprietary Flow Adjust Switch Technology (FAST) system makes the DF-EZN1G one of the easiest nitrogen welders to learn and use. It simplifies nitrogen welding and eliminates flow adjustments by the user. According to Dent Fix, this significantly reduces the time needed to set up the welder. A high-pressure N2 Outlet gives you the ability to attach air-powered tools to the side of the unit. Equipped with two welders, the DF-EZN1G incorporates both a nitrogen welding torch and an airless welding torch. The unit comes with plastic rods in various types and sizes to enable the user to weld different types of plastic and repair various types of damage.


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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this in-depth review. I am a welder and work remotely. I frequently go out for my project and it trouble a lot when there is no electricity.
    I used a second-hand generator from home-depot before but that disappointed me too.
    So, I am looking for a new generator that supports me a lot but concerned about its performance.
    Thankfully, I have come across to your website and find this in-depth review. I am going to buy “EZ Nitro Plastic Welder Generator”. Thanks again for this great review

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