More courses from I-CAR!

More courses from I-Car

Checking into I-CAR’s popular courses — I-CAR’s most popular courses at the moment offer knowledge about estimate interactions with customers and understanding the cycle process time. In this segment, I will be discussing what each of those popular courses entail.

The Art and Science of Estimator Interactions goes over everything that has to do with the whole estimating process.

The course kicks off with lessons on how to successfully communicate with the customer. Students will be participating in four activities that will test their ability to build relationships and develop their communication skills with customers. Along with customer communication, trainees will also be using their problem- solving skills in working with insurance companies. Students will go through the whole process of estimating, as well as a step-by-step guide to identifying whether or not photos depict the reality of the damage.

The other seemingly popular course mentioned is ‘Understand the Cycle Time Process.’ This course checks into trends that are facing the industry; whether they are currently happening or in our near future.
The course starts with an overview of the new technology that plays a role in collision repair, such as the trend of adding face fronting cameras to vehicles, and the automatic braking standard. It later goes into the technology trends that are going to have a huge impact on the business of the industry such as Intelligent Damage Detection Systems, Resistance Spot Riveting Technology and more.

The second half of the course goes into discussing the North American, Asian and European vehicle manufacturers. Finally, students will learn about how diagnostics and scans can be beneficial to a repair facility, as well as the different kinds of scanning tools that exist.

After a student has completed this course they will be filled with more knowledge including the importance of scan tools, the growing technological trends that the industry will be facing and some of the considerations one should take in with the repairs of many new 2017 vehicle platforms.

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