Passion racing at Pfaff Automotive

This year’s winning team was Pfaff Autoworks from Concord, Ontario, with a pink Porsche, inspired by the legendary 1971 Porsche 917-20 ‘Pink Pig’ design.

By Alex Dugas

Toronto, Ontario — October 10, 2017 — Pfaff Automotive recently held its “8 Hours of Passion” challenge, where teams of employees from each Pfaff rooftop competed against one another in a budget track-car race. The event was held at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Track in Clarington, Ontario.

Each team was responsible for sourcing or choosing their own vehicle, performing the necessary modifications and working on the vehicle together after work hours. The challenge culminated in an end-of-season 8-hour endurance challenge.

Each team was limited to a budget of $10,000, of which only $5,000 could be spent on the car itself. The remaining $5,000 was to be spent on safety equipment and modifications.

Additional rules applied in terms of vehicle specifications. The car needed to be road-legal and able to get to the track itself without being towed. The car needed to pass safety certifications and be deemed track-safe. The car also needed be from one of the Pfaff brands, such as BMW, Audi, Porsche, Toyota, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Volkswagen, McLaren, Mazda or Pagani.

Points were attributed on a variety of aspects as well as on the vehicles’ performance. In terms of presentation, points were attributed for appearance, team presentation and employee engagement. Points were also attributed on each team’s lunch presentations since catering and hospitality are part of racing too! In terms of performance, the teams were attributed points on three challenges: Autocross, drag and endurance races.

This year’s winning team was Pfaff Autoworks from Concord, Ontario, with a pink Porsche, inspired by the legendary 1971 Porsche 917-20 ‘Pink Pig’ design. The car sported the legendary Porsche’s unique design, which is painted like a butcher’s carcass diagram and sports the number 23. Glasurit and BASF sponsored the team’s car.

“I was really impressed with the way Pfaff Automotive dealer groups engaged all of their employees and empowered them to use a budget and all of their skills to compete. The age groups were varied and it was nice to see all groups having fun. In my opinion, every team was a winner,” said Brian Busby, Territory Manager, Eastern GTA, BASF-ART.

“This was a nice event and a very cool experience,” said Jeff Pabst, General Manager of Pfaff Autoworks. “It was remarkable to see how each team worked together with such fun and passion. This was a true display of team-work and effort.”

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