Andre’s journey to finding his groove

Unsure of what to do at the end of high school, Andre Figueiredo decided to take a year off to explore his options.

At first, he enjoyed working in construction, but the bitter cold was something he did not want to endure once winter came around. One day, Andre got to chatting with a customer at his mother’s at-home daycare—Fil Calouro, who extended her helping hand to secure Andre a Detailer role at our Assured Toronto West location, where she worked.

For the next two years Andre continued to develop as a detailer, until his manager, Richard Boudreau asked if he wanted to learn a trade.

Andre wasn’t keen on becoming a body technician—but he did have an interest in painting. At this point, Andre learned that, in the art of automotive painting, you need to learn to “prep” a car before you paint one.

In 2014, Richard paired him up with Anand, a seasoned automotive painter to show him the ropes for the next four years. While challenging, Andre wanted to prove to himself he could complete the apprenticeship. Showing his appreciation for Anand’s commitment to him, Andre never missed a day of work.

After about five years, Andre felt the official tap on the shoulder. He had honed his skills and appeared ready to move on—but he didn’t. As for now, Andre says he can only see himself in this role.

“This experience has made me a better man, this job has taught me what real life is about; discipline, not taking short cuts, take time to step back and view your situation and maintain open lines of communication”.

Andre says patience is the key for any beginner. “Be patient, take your time – even when people are breathing down your neck, maintain your focus and most of all have faith in yourself.”

What he is truly thankful for, is that his peers did not give up him—nor did Assured. “They never gave up on me—they could always see I was trying my hardest” We at Assured are glad we could provide Andre a career, and support his future development. Currently, Andre is employed at Assured’s facility in Etobicoke. His brother, Flavio, has been with the company for seven years, at the same facility where Andre started his journey.



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