Buckle in—it’s about to get thrilling


It would be easy to throw in the towel right now. A year deep in this global crisis, many are exhausted. They’ve been exhausted.

But why on Earth would anyone in Canada’s automotive trade want to? There has never been a more exciting time to be here.

Back in the olden days—at the Canadian Collision Industry Forum’s 2020 event in Toronto—collision repair professionals across Canada remarked at the never-before-seen rate of technological advancement in the automotive sector. In the last five years, they said we’d seen more automotive innovation than the previous 10 combined.

They beamed at the capabilities of modern welders, top-notch spray guns and all the modern aftermarket has to offer.

Little did they know, from crisis comes innovation. The Second World War brought us the first computers, radar and the jerrycan, to name just a few catastrophe-driven conceptions. In our pre-pandemic world, the collision repair industry had already seen technological advancement occur at the fastest rate it’d ever witnessed. Imagine the brilliance the next five years can hold. In a move solidifying the aftermarket’s commitment to providing quality, safe repairs amid a sea of technological invention, 3M has invested collision repair diagnostics company asTech. The same company crafting your go-to sandpapers, tape, PAPRs and more will dip its resources into tools dedicated to the safe and proper repair of the modern vehicle’s advanced components.

Some will be prepared for these incoming changes. Those who are not will stand up to the challenge. If one thing is sure of any member of the automotive repair community, it’s that they can take a challenge and mold it into something beautiful.

Power on. As a member of Canada’s collision repair community, you’re in it for the long haul. Our industry is not going anywhere anytime soon, and you are a vital part of keeping our nation’s roads safe. You are a Bodyworx Professional.

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