DON’T PASS ME BY Transportation officials in British Columbia have been left confused by what appears to be an unexplained increase in the number of trucks colliding with highway overpasses. Even Dave Early, CEO of the BC trucking Association can’t explain it. “We don’t know what’s going on,” said Earle. “Obviously something’s not going well.” […]


PLAYING WITH FIRE A fire that tore through a Charlottetown, PEI repair facility in late April has since been linked to welding work that was being done at the time. What started as routine repairs in the shop’s garage quickly turned into an inferno that caused the roof of Mechanical Performance Auto Service on Brackley […]


UNDER PRESSURE “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back”, the old kids’ phrase and superstition goes. Fortunately, for children worldwide, if a crack appears on a Tesla vehicle, they’re likely to simply paint over it. A Tesla Model 3 owner reports that their car’s undercarriage was found to have damage that the Tesla company […]


FURY ROAD Look at the driver to your left. Now, look at the driver on your right. You better start sizing one of them up, because odds are they are willing to throw hands over the lane you just blocked them out of, according to a recent poll conducted by Leger and published by RATESDOTCA. […]